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Posted On February 16, 2022

On Wednesday 16th February, Willingness held an online workshop titled Gender 3600. The workshop served as a prologue to the Gender 3600 Conference which will be held on 5th March.

3600 Conferences are a joint collaboration by the Willingness Team and Betapsi which aims to explore topics from several multidisciplinary facets. Since its conception in 2014, several themes have been discussed such as sex, family, and children. The conference has also achieved international discussion, with Sex 3600 being organised in Lithuania in 2017. This year’s conference is also being hosted in collaboration with Insite Malta, Malta Medical Students’ Association, Malta Health Students’ Association, European Studies Association, and the Medical Biochemistry Students’ Association.

Betapsi President Andre Mifsud in his opening address said, “As an organisation we aim to not only represent University-related psychology issues but also link psychology and mental health to other disciplines.

The workshop revolved around a singular case which the Willingness Team had experienced. Participants were then split into breakout rooms to discuss the case with different professionals from different disciplines. The leaders of the breakout rooms were:

  • Dr. Donia Gamoudi: Specialist in sexually transmitted diseases
  • Dr. Ronald Zammit: Clinical Psychologist
  • Petra Borg: Gestalt Psychotherapist
  • Matthew Bartolo: Counsellor, psychotherapist, and founder of Willingness

After separate discussions in the breakout rooms all the ideas and thoughts were pooled together. Besides the role of gender in the medical and psychological perspectives, the role of gender in different cultures, religons and age groups was discussed.

The perspectives of gender discussed in this workshop are only a small taste of what’s to come in the conference. With professionals ranging from the art industry to the legal professionals to policymakers, gender is sure to be discussed from all angles.

Apply for the Gender 360 Conference here. Early bird discount expires tonight!

Written by Daniela Chatlani


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